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Reader Views Book Review


“'The Other F Word: Forgiveness' by J.R. Yussuf is a book that everyone should keep handy and read over and over."

The Wave Feature


For many who are making New Year’s resolutions, forgiveness can play a big factor in moving forward.

Ordinary Chin Interview


Know Yourself: A Conversation With J.R. Yussuf


Why Don't Black Men Get To Be Bisexual?


“We’ve all been conditioned to hear the word ‘bisexual’ in Black men, and automatically think, ‘Oh, they’re going to cheat and give me HIV’ or that they are secretly gay,” says J.R. Yussuf

12 People Share How They Knew They Were Bisexual


“Growing up, people gaslit me and said that because I was feminine my attraction to girls wasn’t real.” Yussuf says.

How Ryan Russell Is Combating Bisexual Stigma, For The NFL And Fans Alike


“I thought to myself, ‘I know there are so many bisexual men in the NFL, in professional sports at large, and this can be a real watershed moment if other players are ready or have a desire to reveal another layer of their experience.’" Yussuf says.


Rest Is Not A Waste Of Time


How such a simple sentiment could be so difficult & why it struck a chord..

A 7-Day Mental Health Workout Plan


A path to staying mentally tough and centered.

2 Reasons You Should Always Forgive but Never Forget


"It’s good for you to let go of your anger and forgive, but forgetting isn’t required or even necessarily healthy."

4 Things I Learned About Forgiveness While Traversing Through Europe


"Nevertheless, I was all packed and ready to take on Europe but soon enough my extra baggage would teach me a thing, or four, about forgiveness."

Gender & Sexuality

Why bisexual people don’t owe anyone disclosure of their sexuality


The onus should not be made ours, we should not be asked to reveal ourselves in a world that is not made safe for us to do so on this day or any other. The eagerness for more bisexual people to come out needs to be examined and redirected toward the failings of a larger society which refuses to make space for bisexual people to safely exist.

Why Black LGBTQ+ people get upset when our most prominent people show up with white partners


At times, it can feel as though no area of our Black lives are allowed to be sacred, to even hint at the same exclusion and firm boundaries that white spaces have to keep Black people out. The plain truth is that we can never be equally exclusive, we just don’t have that power. But we can decide who we date.

How Black Mirror’s “Striking Vipers” episode failed bisexual men & trans women


“Striking Vipers” exploited the trope of Black bi+ men as liars while refusing to have characters who explore bisexuality to acknowledge it.

The View From The Shore


I have always felt that I don’t belong to a community, not really anyway. In large part, I attribute this lack of belonging to the unnerving in-betweenness of being a first generation Nigerian-American (the child of two Nigerian immigrants), which has imparted unto me an insatiable urge to adapt to my surroundings, yet at the same time has also dictated that my experiences remain distinct, particularly as they relate to class, gender, sexuality and race.

The conditioning that fuels the mental health epidemic for Black men, and how to stop it


It’s not too late to challenge and unlearn these values that bring Black men harm and cause harm to others

In defense of The Gay Agenda: Reimagining life without cis-heteros

Marsha P. Johnson, Joseph Ratanski and Sylvia Rivera in 1973 by Gary LeGault via Wikipedia

"Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to live in a world without cisgender heterosexual people after all..."



The tag #bisexualmenspeak was created for bi+ men & masculine identified folks to have the space to speak for themselves & talk about how being bi+ impacts the way they move through the world. Join in on the conversation!

#BisexualMenSpeak is becoming an archive for ways in which Bi men walk through the world


Due to societal constructs of toxic masculinity, bisexual men often struggle with being more vocal about their identity. Even when some do speak out, they are largely ignored or drowned out by biphobic remarks begging for them to “pick a side.”

Seven of Our Favorite Moments for Bisexual Visibility in 2018


The hashtag #BisexualMenSpeak, began by J.R. Yussuf, became a safe haven this summer for bi, queer, pan and fluid men to talk about their experiences and struggles with being seen as their true, authentic selves.

J.R. Yussuf guest stars on two bi guys

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