J.R. Yussuf, author of The Other F Word: Forgiveness


J.R. Yussuf, is the Nigerian-American author of The Other F Word: Forgiveness, 1st place winner of a 2016-2017 Reader Views Literary Award in the Self-Help category, a book for anyone who has ever struggled with forgiveness and letting things go. Imagine a self-help book and a literary collection had a child and named it Forgiveness. The Other F Word: Forgiveness is a cross-genre literary collection/self-help narrative, a 60 day book that uses the vehicle of poetry, prose, journal entries, letters, affirmations & short stories to get the reader to a more fulfilling life by way of forgiving. The reader is asked to go on a 60-day journey, where they will pace themselves by reading one chapter a day for 60 days and are presented with the question "How Will You Heal?" at the end of each chapter, and an entire page for them to write out their answer.

In the spring of 2015, Peter is headed home in the middle of the night after an intense 6-hour video gaming session to be met with brutality by the people sworn to protect and serve, the police. As Peter lay in a hospital bed in handcuffs, he relives this account as well as otherworldly fantasies about what living in peace and quiet look like to him. He must find the will to stay in the land of the living though the looming threat of jail time hangs around his sore neck while doctors fight to reverse his now rapidly failing condition.  (Day 3 "Hues of Humanity").

Down the perturbed corridors of a high school, we find one severely bullied, mentally ill teenager who decides to get even using violence as a gavel, dishing out verdicts and consequences. He soon realizes that violence can only take him down a path with hardly any light. If he hopes to be able to continue seeing the light of day, he must find the strength within to move beyond the past (Day 5 “Pay Back”).

A family secret, 30 years in the making comes tumbling out, gaining momentum and size as it speeds up down the hill of admission. For the first time ever, a 40 year old older man tells his younger sister about the events leading up to him molesting her when they were both very young. He does this all whilst trying to assemble the puzzle pieces to create a clear picture for her as to why something like this happened. Will he tell the whole truth or will he misconstrue the past in order to serve himself? Can she hear him out and truly forgive him? And finally, can his family ever trust him again? (Day 47 "Olivia")

And lastly, we are led on a jog along the shoreline in order to clear the mind of clutter and unexpectedly walk right into a live construction site with sand-compatible, racing Bobcat machines and hot oil spurting from pipes in all directions. The beach has proven calming up until now, however this site is troubling and another unexpected confrontation forces the protagonist to make an important decision. (Day 60 "Catch Me If You Can"). This book puts specific episodes on display so readers can learn from reading other’s mistakes, synthesizing empathy and creativity together along with the healing process. The Other F Word: Forgiveness ​was published by Loose Moose Publishing on October 15, 2016. 

Since the age of 16 years old Yussuf has studied the craft of writing and has gone as far as Florence, Italy to study and become adept in different forms of writing and expression. Yussuf created the tag #bisexualmenspeak for bi+ men & masculine identified folks to have the space to speak for themselves & talk about how being bi+ impacts the way they move through the world, and he maintains a YouTube channel devoted to self-improvement, emotional intelligence & forgiveness. 

His writing has appeared in the anthologies Best Bi Short Stories: Bisexual Fiction, finalist for a 2014 Lambda Literary Award and a 2014 Rainbow Award and Double Consciousness: An Autoethnographic Guide To My Black American Existence which soared to #1 Best-Seller in Kindle African American Poetry within it's first week of being released, as well as Black Youth Project, Positively Positive, The Good Men Project, Escarp, Instigatorzine, and The CultureLP. He has written short stories, poetry, prose, fictional letters, fictional journal entries, affirmation, answering dear abby styled letters, journalism, pop culture, sexual health and political-cultural studies pieces.

J.R. Yussuf graduated from Stony Brook University where he studied Theatre Arts, the art of storytelling and currently resides in New York City.


Published Pieces

Double Consciousness: An Autoethnic Guide To My Black American Existence


Two In One by J.R. Yussuf is contemporary prose which touches on superiority and privilege, self awareness and perception, how comfortable humans are with stereotypes noting that labels make humans comfortable, and makes them feel like they understand. It is critical of mono minded people who are obsessed with comparison and dominance. It shines a light on an intense fear humans have when they can not label or control something.​

Double Consciousness: An Autoethnic Guide To My Black American Existence soared to #1 Best-Seller in Kindle African-American Poetry within it's first week of being released. It is a book expounding on W.E.B. Du Bois' concept of a double consciousness that people of African descent experience, about embracing dual identities and sharing perceptions of the world around us. The sequel to the highly reviewed poetry collection Atlas of Consciousness, Double Consciousness focuses on the dual identity of being Black and American in a White Supremacist society. With over 100 pages filled with breathtaking and culturally relevant poetry, it expresses the complexities that have consumed many of the hundreds of thousands of Black Americans who were forced onto America.

Best Bi Short Stories: Bisexual Fiction


Face To Face by J.R. Yussuf is contemporary new-adult fiction which delves into the delicately thin line between admiration and attraction, liking different people in different ways, for different reasons and it addresses the legitimacy of varying expressions of sexuality along the bisexuality spectrum whether it is an intellectual, romantic, sexual, spiritual connection or an indescribable, yet felt, closeness.

Best Bi Short Stories: Bisexual Fiction, finalist for a 2014 Lambda Literary Award and a 2014 Rainbow Award, is the first book of its kind, a literary anthology bringing together the very finest representations of bisexuality in fiction. The bisexuality of characters, like in real people, can be invisible to readers unless explicitly brought to their attention. Invisibility leads to underrepresentation and on bookstore shelves that has certainly been true. Best Bi Short Stories hopes to change that by presenting the very best quality, cast in a bold light.